Kyla Caprarella

Candidate for BS Candidate for BS in Healthcare Management '22
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Millennials Engaging in Volunteerism
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” 

Let’s set the stage a bit. You have just turned 6 years old and found out that you need to be hospitalized while you prepare your body for an organ transplant. Chances are you don’t fully understand what is going on, but your parents' reason with you that this is a good thing and you will feel better soon. Your energy is at an all-time high from being inside constantly seeing the same faces in the same room on the same floor.  

Now, change the scene to you - on the other side of this equation – the volunteer. Heading into a patient’s room to help to get some energy out and have fun for a few minutes. In a matter of seconds, both volunteer and patient laughing, dancing, and singing along to the Frozen soundtrack. You are seen as a friend, someone to relate to and who gets the world of technology. As a millennial, you are the ever-changing generation who grew up with the technology that is all children now know. Volunteering is a small gesture that can change a whole day.

Volunteering has many beneficial aspects when it comes to qualities and traits. With the ever-busy schedules of millennials, it is challenging to fit volunteering in, but with the passion that they feel to towards an organization, time will be made. From volunteering, you are able to get the basic human desire, a sense of belonging and self-satisfaction. Involvement in this setting has a long-lasting impact, especially on the longevity of a person by increasing physical activity, boosting their mood, and reducing the risk of heart disease and memory loss. Volunteering gets the involvement of face-to-face communication building the social skills rather than patronizing millennials for over usage of social media. Millennials that volunteer are building community, increasing socialization, creating friendships and increasing their self-esteem. Taking the time to engage millennials will engage multiple generations while benefiting those who need support from volunteers. Engagement in volunteerism helps to increase self-confidence and give the opportunity to help achieve self-satisfaction while helping those who need a community of care and friendships. 

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